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Updated 9/15/2021

Due to COVID-19 restrictions we are converting the lessons we usually bring live into your classrooms into a format that will work for distance learning. Please feel free to use any of our materials. Each lesson includes a presentation, handouts and suggested videos. It also includes a page of notes with more detailed information pertaining to the lesson. Feel free to provide any feedback so we can make these useful for this new teaching paradigm. We look forward to the day when we can be back working with your students!

Pacific Salmon 101

Suggested Level: GRADES 4-5

The Salmon is a Pacific Northwest icon and the lifeblood of Tribal culture. In the first lesson students learn the basics of Pacific Salmon ecology and diversity as well as their role in Tribal traditions.  The second lesson dives into the details of salmon anatomy and physiology.  This lesson is split into two sections: (1) Lifecycle & Habitat and (2) Anatomy.

Salmon Lifecycle & Habitat

Pacific Salmon Lifecycle Teacher Guide


Pacific Salmon Lifecyle and Habitat

Pacific Salmon Lifecycle and Habitat Worksheet

Pacific Salmon Lifecycle and Habitat Answer Key


Salmon Anatomy

Pacific Salmon Anatomy Teacher Guide


Pacific Salmon Anatomy

Pacific Salmon Anatomy Worksheet

Pacific Salmon Anatomy Answer Key



The Energy of Estuaries

Suggested Level: GRADE 5

This lesson uses the estuaries to explore food webs, trophic levels, and how energy is transferred between organisms in the ecosystem.  The presentation can be followed by an activity that requires students to physically draw the interconnections between species.

Estuary Teacher Guide


Energy of Estuaries

Energy of Estuaries Slideshow Notes

Energy of Estuaries Vocab

Food Web Activity

Food Web Activity Info Sheet

Food Web Answer Key




Suggested Level: GRADES 4-5

Students will learn the concept of ecosystems through the lifecycle of Salmon. They will learn how species interact with each other and the abiotic and biotic parts of their ecosystem.  Students will gain understanding of how species adapt to their specific climates and ecosystems.

Ecosystem Teacher Guide


Ecosystem of Pacific Salmon

Ecosystem Vocab

Ecosystem Worksheet

Ecosystem Answer Key


Additional Resources

Many organizations produce high quality material that is suitable for remote learning.  Below is a list (by no means comprehensive) of some of the best online resources we have discovered.

Online Resources for Environmental Education


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