Fish & Wildlife Regulations

Updated 10/31/2023

Rules & Regulations

Tribal Hunting Rules & Regulations Regulations

Harvest reporting for each tag is mandatory whether an animal is harvested or not per Stillaguamish Tribal Fishing, Hunting and Gathering Code:

Chapter 3, Section 18 a & b.

Hunters have 10 days to report a successful harvest of Deer, Elk, Bear and Cougar. Hunters have till April 10th to report successful waterfowl harvest, species and numbers. Hunters have till April 10th to report on all tags regardless of whether an animal is harvested. Failure to report by April 10th on all or any permit will result in the hunter not being eligible for hunting permits the following hunting season. The following information needs to be included in your report:

Reporting date, Tag #, harvest (yes or no), Hunters Name and enrollment number, Game species, Sex, AP, harvest date, Game Management Unit (GMU), Location.

Download this fill-able form: Report of Harvest.  Save it to your computer first, fill it out, and submit via email to the links below.

Harvest reports can be submitted the following ways:

  1. General mail: PO BOX 277 Arlington WA 98223 Attn: Jen Sevigny
  2. Email report to please use "Harvest Report" in subject line.

For assistance please contact:

Jen Sevigny
(360) 631-237


Gary Tatro
(360) 547-2803

Hunting Season Regulations 2022-2023

Tribal Fishing Rules & Regulations

For more information, please contact Fisheries Research Scientists, Robert Roose (360) 572-3578

PURPOSE: Overview of annual Salmon, Steelhead, White Sturgeon, and Crayfish Treaty Regulations covering ceremonial, subsistence, and commercial fishing.

SPECIES: Chinook, Pink, Coho, and Chum salmon. Steelhead. White Sturgeon. Crayfish.

EFFECTIVE DATES: May through January, annually.  Subject to change based on annual Co-manager List of Agreed Fisheries Plan.

AREAS: The adjudicated U&A of the Stillaguamish Tribe, which includes the Stillaguamish River and all lakes within the Tribe’s U&A


  • Chinook: 6 inch minimum stretched mesh
  • Coho: 5 inch minimum stretched mesh
  • Chum: 5 3/4" minimum stretched mesh
  • Pink: 5 inch minimum stretched mesh
  • Steelhead: 5 inch minimum stretched mesh
  • Sturgeon: Hook and Line only, single barbless hook
  • Crayfish: Any hand operated-instrument that penetrates the shell of the crayfish is expressly prohibited

REQUIRED IDENTIFICATION AND PERMITS: Stillaguamish tribal members engaging in fishing under this regulation must have in their possession a Tribal fishing identification card for the Stillaguamish Tribe and a valid Stillaguamish Tribal Fishing species permit for the specific fishery in which they are engaged. All fishers must comply with the Fishing, Hunting and Gathering Code of the Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians.

ENFORCEMENT: Stillaguamish Tribal members fishing under Tribal regulations must present their Tribal Fishing Permit and Treaty Indian Fishing ID Card upon the request of a Stillaguamish Tribal Law Enforcement Officer.   Authorized Federal and State fish conservation officials are permitted to monitor Tribal fishing activities only to the extent that the monitoring is reasonable and necessary to fish management and conservation purposes, as determined by the federal courts.

SEASON: All Usual and Accustomed fishing grounds and stations of the Stillaguamish Tribe are closed to the taking of fish/shellfish unless specifically opened by Tribal Ordinance or by properly adopted annual or emergency regulations. Ceremonial fishing is always allowed under the terms of any subsistence or commercial fishing regulation of the Stillaguamish Tribe. Subsistence fishing is always allowed under any commercial fishing regulation of the Stillaguamish Tribe; recreational fishing is considered a type of subsistence fishing. Commercial fishermen limited to Tribal members 16 years and older.

ANTICIPATED CLOSURES: Mainstem Stillaguamish River between river mile 14.0 (Danielson Hole) and the confluence of the North and South Forks. All of the South Fork Stillaguamish and associated tributaries. All of the North Fork Stillaguamish and associated Tributaries. All Mainstem Stillaguamish tributaries, including Pilchuck Creek.

Please contact Fisheries Research Scientists, Robert Roose (360) 572-3578 for any assistance in obtaining the following:

  • Treaty Fishing Identification Card
  • Code Acknowledgement Form; if not already completed
  • Valid Species Permit for specific fishery they plan to engage in
  • Fishers are required to contact the Tribal Harvest Manager prior to any fishing activity and to report all catch, including by-catch.

Preseason Fishing Regulation 2022-PS-01 5/1/2022

Fishing Regulation 23-CK-CS-01 (Chinook) 5/16/2023
Fishing Regulation 23-PK-CS-01 (Pink) 7/21/2023
Fishing Regulation 23-CO-CO-01 (Coho) 8/31/2023
Fishing Regulation 23-PK-CS-02 (Pink) 9/13/2023
Fishing Regulation 23-CH-CS-01 (Chum) 10/31/2023