Business Licensing & Tax Commission

Updated 8/8/2023

Who We Are

The Board of Directors created the Business Licensing & Tax Commission in April 2008 when it adopted a new business licensing and taxation code. The members of the Business Licensing and Tax Commission are:

Tracey Boser, Chairperson
Jimille Smith, Vice-Chairperson
Victoria Yeager, Secretary
Rhonda Duxbury, Administrative Assistant

What We Do

The Business Licensing & Tax Commission administers the business and revenue laws of the Tribe. A person who does not have a Tribal Business License cannot lawfully do business on the Tribe’s land. The Business License and Taxation Code requires any person or business wanting to do business with the Tribe must obtain a Business License. The following must obtain a Tribal Business License:

Construction Contractors
Fixed Retail Sales
Adult Day Care Centers
Child Care Centers
Wholesale Sales

A list of exemptions can be found in Part 2, Section 4 of the Business Licensing Code.

Our Goals

Licensing persons doing business on the Tribe’s land generates revenue for Tribal government services and programs, and enhances Tribal sovereignty by enabling the Tribe to regulate all business activities on the Tribe’s land. Knowing who is doing business on the Tribe’s land helps protect the Tribal members from unscrupulous businesses.

When We Meet

Regular meetings take place the first Tuesday of every month at 4:30p.m. in the Administration Building at 3322 236th ST NE, Arlington, WA. All meetings are open to the Tribal public.

How To Reach Us

For questions, please use the Contact Form for Business Licensing & Tax Commission below. Business Licensing forms are available for download above and are also available at the front desk of the Administration Building.

Contact Info

If you have any questions about the Stillaguamish Tribe's Business Licensing & Tax Commission, please use the Contact Form for Business Licensing & Tax Commission to the right.

Stillaguamish Tribe Business Licensing & Tax Commission

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Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians
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