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Updated 5/24/2023


Stillaguamish Tribal Transit Services (STTS)

The mission of STTS is to assist individuals, families, and the Stillaguamish Community with their transportation needs, and to provide transit service to Tribal facilities and businesses.

STTS is committed to providing transportation services of the highest quality by a well-trained, genuinely caring staff of experienced professionals. By assisting one individual, or one family at a time, we build a community of caring for one individual, or one family at a time.

About Us

STTS is a transportation service offered by the Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians. STTS provides transportation services to a variety of native and non-native individuals who need to travel to businesses and facilities, or other service facilities in the north Snohomish County area.

The Tribe’s commitment to service was born out of identifying the needs of the consumers of Tribal programs.

The dedicated staff serves people of all ages. The service is open to the general public.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
6:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Contact STTS

Dispatcher: (Scheduling rides and general info)
(360) 629-0503

STTS Transit Supervisor: (Comments, concerns or any other questions)
(360) 572-3062

Need A Ride?

The Stillaguamish Tribe Transit Service (STTS) is committed to providing reliable, safe, and satisfying transportation options for the community. Customers of the Stillaguamish Tribe Transit Service are a fundamental aspect of our business and as such, their feedback is important to the growth and development of the program.

The Tribe’s Transit service Customer Complaint Policy has been established to ensure that riders of the system have an easy and accessible way to provide feedback to the Tribe. STTS is open to hearing any customer feedback including complaints, comments, suggestions, or concerns.

Riders can contact STTS in the following ways:

  1. US Mail: Riders can mail their feedback to STTS.
  2. Feedback Line: Riders can contact Transit Supervisor directly at (360) 572-3062. This line is available Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  3. E-mail: Riders can contact Transit Supervisor by e-mail at
  4. Anonymous Contact Form: Riders can offer anonymous feedback using the form at the bottom of this webpage.


Feedback Review Process

All feedback from customers is valued and will be reviewed by the Transit Supervisor. After review, the Transit Supervisor will distribute the customer communication to the appropriate agency representative(s).

  1. Customer concerns, complaints, or employee commendations will be responded to by the Transit Supervisor or forwarded to the appropriate supervisor.
  2. Recommendations for service or system modification will be sent to the planning department.
  3. Questions regarding discrimination or bias will be sent to the Tribe’s Executive Director.

Feedback Acknowledgement

Anyone who submits a comment, complaint, or service suggestion to the Stillaguamish Tribe Transit Service shall receive a response provided they give legible contact information.

  • Feedback sent via mail, fax or phone will receive a response within ten business days.
  • E-mail or web originated messages will be returned within five business days.

Customer Appeals Process

Any person who is dissatisfied with the response they receive from the STTS Supervisor is welcome to appeal the decision. An appeal must be filed with the Director of Family Services of the Stillaguamish Tribe within 30 days of the response from the STTS Supervisor. The Family Services Director will review the appeal and respond within 30 days of receipt of the appeal.

Information about Policy

Information about the Customer Complaint Policy, including how to submit a complaint, will be made available to riders:

When customers are approved for service, in new Rider packet On comment cards available on all transportation vehicles at the Tribes Transit office On the website by a Driver, Dispatcher or Supervisor, when requested.


The STTS Supervisor shall compile a summary of rider responses for the Council, staff, and employees for use in reviewing and evaluating service.


STTS shall maintain a tracking system for all feedback from customers that provides a unique identification of each customer communication and allows ready access to information on the status of the comment at any time.

Protection from Retribution: Customers of STTS should be able to submit feedback without fear of retribution from the agency. If a rider feels like they are being treated unfairly in response to the feedback that they provided, they should contact the Director of Family Services for the Stillaguamish Tribe. The Director will investigate and take any appropriate action needed.

The Stillaguamish Tribe’s Rideshare program offers a transportation alternative as a part of the tribe's benefits for employment, for Stillaguamish tribal members and the general public.  This is one of the most cost-effective, flexible and convenient commuting alternatives to driving to work.

The Rideshare program encourages people to carpool, vanpool, rider the bus, bike or walk to work.  A rideshare is a group of people who ride to work together.

The Tribe provides the vehicle and pays for gas, maintenance, and insurance.  Riders sit back and relax on their way to work.

Riders pay a low monthly fee through automatic payroll deduction.  Each Rideshare group needs a driver or two and someone to keep the records, which is often done by the driver.

The Rideshare program does their part in conserving our natural habitat by leasing or purchasing clean diesel, bio-diesel, hybrid and/or electric vehicles.

Rideshare groups may form themselves, or the Rideshare Coordinator will form groups by matching shift times, location and work days.

For more information, please contact the Stillaguamish Transportation Department at (360) 631-5812.

Fleet Services Division

The Fleet Services Division is a new Division in the Stillaguamish Department of Transportation. This division will manage the Tribe’s Fleet of vehicles and equipment. Professional fleet management includes many diverse tasks and responsibilities and requires dedicated personnel to manage and operate the Tribe’s assets.

Services provided by Fleet Management include:

We purchase, manage, dispose of and provide maintenance and repair services on Stillaguamish tribal vehicles and equipment. We offer assigned vehicles and motor pool services to Tribal departments, which is a very popular perk for working for the Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians.  We manage fuel services for tribal cars and equipment as well as coordination of insurance and licensing for all fleet units.

Contact Info

If you have any questions about the Stillaguamish Tribe's Transportation Department, please use the Contact Form for Transportation Department to the right.

Stillaguamish Tribe Transportation Department

Phone: (360) 631-5812

Mailing Address:
Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians
Attn: Transportation Department
3322 236th Street NE
Arlington, WA 98223

Physical Address:

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