Coronavirus and Business Closure to Non-Essential Business

Published: March 26, 2020

Hello Stillaguamish Members, Business Partners and Visitors,

The Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians is continually monitoring the current status of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Stillaguamish Tribal leadership has adopted many precautions to limit the spread of the infection.

Current Actions:
• Temporarily closed the Admin Building, Community Center to non-essential business
• Cancelled many, if not all, Stillaguamish activities and events
• Sent employees home who can work from home
• Educated our employees and members about safe hygiene practices

Non-Essential Business: We want our members, business partners and visitors to be informed of our desire to limit the amount of non-essential business being conducted on Stillaguamish grounds. If your business on Stillaguamish grounds is non-essential, please reschedule to when we return to business as usual. If you are unsure about whether or not your business on Stillaguamish grounds is essential or non-essential, please call (360) 652-7362 to find out. We sincerely apologize as we know this is not convenient. We thank you for your understanding and for supporting our efforts to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Also, we will post on our website and public Facebook page when we return to business as usual.

With concern for all of our community’s health,
Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians