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Every Student, Every Time!

Our goal within the Stillaguamish Tribe Education Department (STED) is to make getting an education as accessible as possible. To make this happen, we have provided our forms in a fillable PDF format. These forms are crucial in that we are unable to fund educational programs without them.

If for some reason you are unable to access the PDF, please notify our office and we will fix the problem immediately by emailing the application or sending or faxing a hard copy application to you.

Summer Adventures 2020

As you may have heard Summer Camp has been cancelled this year due to the pandemic. However, we are happy to announce that we will be able to do a weekly outdoor adventure in small groups. Please visit the links below for more details...

Summer Adventures Letter to Families
Summer Adventures Calendar

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If you have any questions about the Stillaguamish Tribe's Education Department, please use the Contact Form for Education Department to the right.

Stillaguamish Tribe Education Department

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Phone: (360) 631-5592

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