Welcome To Our Elders Program

Our elders are our teachers. They have endured so many hardships--they have thrived despite tremendous obstacles. We lean on their values, their memories, their love, and their principles. 

Today, we are proud to be able to offer so many ways to show them how much we appreciate and love them. Our kids, our grandkids and those yet unborn are genuinely grateful for all that they have done to help us get to where we are now.

We have a beautiful elders' area located at the Stillaguamish Community Center.  


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Contact Info

If you have any questions about the Stillaguamish Tribe's Elders Program, please contact Shana Swanson using the form to the right.

Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians Elders Program

P.O. Box 277

24410 55th Avenue NE

Arlington, WA 98223

Phone: (360) 572-3466

Fax: (360) 659-3624